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Truckers Life Foundation is the biggest Polish NGO operating to improve health, safety and working conditions for professional drivers.

Since 2013, we have been inspiring truckers to adopt healthier habits by providing training, preventive examinations, and infrastructure to facilitate activity on the road.

We also run social campaigns to improve the image of professional drivers.

We want to bring people closer to the daily challenges that drivers face, but also the energy they bring to their jobs. Nasze spoty rozwiewają stereotypy i budują szacunek do tej grupy zawodowej.

We are trying to push the TSL industry to improve working conditions for drivers. We want to create an environment that is friendly to the person behind the wheel of the truck.

Why are we doing this?

Truckers Friendy Place

About project
When we published the report “Diagnosis of sanitary and parking conditions in logistics bases in Poland and Europe”, we understood that the working conditions for drivers at loading and unloading places had to change. We put them at the top of the Foundation’s priority list. That’s why we immediately started working on the TRUCKERS FRIENDLY PLACE project. Its main goal is to improve working conditions for professional drivers. Creating a friendly environment for HUMANS behind the wheel of a truck, because it is the human treatment that drivers lack. As part of the project, we want to …
Rate shipper campaign
Dear driver, first of all, we need your opinion on the standards at specific loading and unloading places in Poland and Europe.
Once we have your feedback, we will be able to create a ranking of driver-friendly places, as well as influence shippers that you have rated negatively by you to improve their standards. The ratings of individual logistics bases will also be available on the TRUCKERS FRIENDLY PLACE map.
The survey will take 3 minutes to complete, and the changes we make as a result of it can really improve the comfort of your work. The survey is fully anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes only.
Sipper's code
The report “Diagnosis of sanitary and parking conditions at logistics bases in Poland and Europe”, which we prepared on the basis of surveys conducted among professional drivers leaves no doubt – loading and unloading places are not a driver-friendly environment.
To highlight the problems arising at logistics bases, and to mobilize shippers to set high standards for themselves and their employees in their behaviour towards drivers, we have created a code of ethics – a collection of ten rules that should be followed at every loading and unloading place.
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